How does it works?

For realize a 3D segmentation we need a TC or a CBCT.
The final result will be a 3D image, obtained from radiological slice, using the Houndsfield Degree to shape various anatomy.

Importing Images

Import TC (or CBCT)

1All the images are included in our study and, using the greyscale, we threshold every point we are looking for.

Raw Image

Raw image

2So, we obtain a “Raw” 3D image, that need to be cleaned by scattering events (mainly, generated by metals)

3D Image Cleaned

Cleaned image

3When we remove scattering events, we obtain a cleaned image, same of real anatomy of your patient.

Marking Nerves

Marking nerves

4We can trace a panorex and we mark all the nerves.

Wonderful 3D Image

Final result

5Once we threshold all the desired anatomy, removed scattering events and mark all the nerves, we obtain a wonderful 3D image.

Designing prosthesis

Design prosthesis

6If needed, we can design prosthesis. In this specific image, an implant has been positioned for future stent planning and a crown has been designed.