We love 3D!

Mainly we are focused on medical 3D.
But this doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything else!

Need to print your model?

Please read our printing rules and Faq. This rules are needed to guarantee that your model will be accurate respect the virtual file.

  • All the holes should be closed
    All the holes should be closed. We can close holes for an extra-fee but, depending on width, model printed won’t be accurate like the virtual one that you send us.
  • Models should have all matched edge
    All the edge should be matched.We can match edges for an extra-fee but, depending on width, model printed won’t be accurate like the virtual one that you send us.
  • Normals should be corrected
    Normals are needed “to explain” to the printer, what are the internal parts and external parts. Please check this very well. We can check normals for you for an extra-fee.
  • Remove internal and irregular geometry

    Internal and irregular geometry should be always removed. We can’t print model with an irregular and internal geometry.


  • Should I draw the support to printing?

    No, we will do that. If you need for any reason to print your model in a particular position, just let us know.

  • Can you print models with 2 or more different materials?
    We can do 2 (or more) print, with 2 different materials then cast the 2 models. We can’t print in one time with 2 materials.

  • Dimension of the models

    Printing area of our 3D printer is 130 x 130 x 90 mm (x,y,z)
    Also, remember that our best definition is 0.01mm, so, characteristics lower than this, won’t be realized.

    Hint: if you have a model bigger than our printing area, you can split them in more part than cast themselves!

  • What kind of file extension do you accept?

    We accept:

    • .STL
    • .PLY
    • .3DS
    • .DXF
    • …..much moore!

    Didn’t find your kind? Try to ask us!

  • How can I send you model?
    Just mail it us. If is too much big you can send it with Skype if we are online, or with a filetransfer service (E.g. : Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, FileMail etc.)

  • Yes but....How much does it costs?!
    It depends by the resin that you choose and by the dimension of your piece and if your model need to be fixed. Don’t worry, we will let you know how much it will cost before we will make the job!

  • What's the timing?

    Usually we need just 1-2 working days to print your model since your “ok! Let’s do that!”.
    Obviously, if you need to print more object with different materials or an object too much big that need to be printed in many times, we could take more.

    Than, we deliver it to an express courier that should take 1-2 working days to send you your model (depends by your location)

Need to scan an object?

Please read this:

3D design

We can design what do you need!