Surgical Stents are subdivided in 2 kind:

Support kind:

1 Bone Supported

Usefull for no teeth.




2 Mucosa Supported

Stent Mucosa Supported are fixed with pin (or screw) that are planned during implant planning. Usefull for no teeth patient or low number dental

3 Teeth Supported

The teeth supported stent is planned on the pre-surgery condition of patient. So, we can plan easily, guide that need extraction before surgery, in a virtual mode.
Usefull for an implant planning in every case where patient has at least 3 teeth.

Sleeves kind:

1 Pilot

Pilot Stent has just one drill, diameter 2.0.
Than the surgeon proceed in traditional method.

2 Universal

Universal Stent by Materialise Dental, allows the implant site preparation, in direction and deep.


3 Safe Guide
Safe Guide is specific for every implant brand, using sleeves and drill for guided implantology provided by implantological industry. It allows to prepare the implant site and insertion of implant with stent. Available just for implantological brand that has it.
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